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Caribbean Yacht Charter Pricing- Questions Answered!


Crewed yachts here have a starting price point and then go up in price depending on the type of charter and how many people. 

Charters can be fully crewed and inclusive, partial board, or local fare.


All luxury yacht prices are based on seven nights. Six nights can be prorated, and five nights and under have a surcharge on it. 

Additionally, Christmas and New Years' weeks always are the most expensive weeks of the year.

Some yachts have a low season rate. This rate is from May 15th to December 15th and a high season otherwise. High and low seasons can only apply to Christmas and New Years' charters for many all-inclusive yacht charter options.

Example Season Rates:

2 people: $25,000

3 People: $25,500

4 people: $26,000

5 people: $27,000

6 people: $28,000

7 people: $29,500

8 people: $31,000

Christmas week: 1 to 8 guests $36,000
New Years week: 1 to 8 guests $38,000


HIGH SEASON: Runs about 20% higher than the usual season rate. 


HALF BOARD includes breakfasts, four lunches, and three dinners aboard. The remaining three lunches and four dinners, as well as associated beverages, are to be taken ashore at guests' expense.


You must consider a 15- 20% industry-standard gratuity for the crew adjusted up or down according to the service you received on top of the yacht charter expense. 


Are there all-inclusive yacht charters in Greece

like the Caribbean?


Not so much. In Greece, the crew will be included in your weekly charter fee. Then you have an APA known as Advanced Provision Allowance and VAT, which is the tax.


You will pay a percentage with your final payment, 

 of the charter fee, plus APA, which covers your expenses, 

i.e., the food, beverages, fuel, and VAT. 

The APA amount fluctuates with on the type of yacht you are on, catamaran, motor yacht, monohull. Motor Yachts burn a lot of fuel, their percentage is higher, up to 40%.


Sailing Catamarans typically ask for 20-30% 

with the final payment. The Yacht Captain will 

keep an accounting of all costs during the week.

You can view the purchase list anytime. Any leftover APA can be 

given to the crew as a gratuity or transferred back to you. 

We find an itinerary that runs you all over, and heavy alcohol consumption runs up the APA.





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